Quality Assurance in Virtual Learning and e-Learning spaces

  • Victor J. Pitsoe Department of Leadership and Management, College of Education, University of South Africa
  • Mmabaledi K. Seeletso UNESCO Chair on Open Distance Learning, University of South Africa
Keywords: Quality, quality assurance, Virtual Learning, e-Learning, pedagogic device, Artificial Intelligence


This paper is philosophical in nature and we argue that Virtual Learning and e-Learning in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) present challenges to quality assurance that were unimaginable just a quarter century ago. This paper argues that implementing rigorous authoritative controls, higher institutions can ensure that students are working to attain credible qualifications, as they would be in a traditional learning environment. We theorise quality assurance as a virtue of professional practice; present quality culture as a pedagogic device for classification and framing; and propose a rethinking of Virtual Learning Environments and e‐learning quality assurance praxis through framework of Harvey and Green (1993) and Watty (2003).